Sunday, June 17, 2012

Benefit Posietint, High Beam, & Benetint - Review + Swatches!

Today I wanted to talk about the famous Benefit trio - Posietint, High Beam and Benefit that comes in the Feelin' Cheeky set (how cute is that name!?). Although I purchased this set quite a while ago, I recently have been loving them as the weather has been getting warmer!

This Sephora-exclusive product has three products, each with a "nail polish brush" style applicator. 

On the Top: Posietint, unblended; On the Bottom: Posietint, blended

I would describe Posietint as a bright pop of poppy-pink. Although it initially seems unwearable and too bright, a little bit of blending makes Posietint a nice flush of color. Out of the three, Posietint is probably the second thickest in consistency. To me, it's almost gel-like, and applying it to my cheeks refreshes me in the summer since it sort of has a cooling property. On the lips and on the cheeks, Posietint lasts all day (as a stain should), even the hottest of summer days. Not only that, but a little goes a long way, so even this tiny bottle will last me a while!

On the Top: High Beam, unblended; On the Bottom: High Beam, blended

High Beam is an illuminating cream highlighter. After blending it in well, High Beam creates a luminescent glow, which is perfect for the summer. High Beam is extremely versatile; you can mix it with your foundation for an all-over iridescent glow, or you can use it as your basic highlighter, allowing light to reflect off the high points of your face flawlessly. Even when you don't want to cake on the makeup in the summer, a little dab of High Beam gives you a fresh, dewy face.

On the Top: Benetint, unblended; On the Bottom: Benetint, blended

Benetint is by far my favorite out of the 3 products in the kit. It is said to give the cheeks or lips a hint of rosiness, which I definitely agree with and think is very flattering. Although in the bottle Benetint looks unwearable and intimidating, it actually sheers out nicely and gives a subtle hint of color. Along with that, Benetint has a nice rose smell to it. The consistency is the thinnest out of all of them; as you can probably see from the attempted unblended swatch above, it gets very runny very fast due to the watery consistency. It settles and dries 

Overall, I really like each of the products in this set. Unfortunately, I do believe this trio is unavailable now, but as overall products, I recommend them to the majority of people. Although the price for each product individually is very high, they all last a while and can be used for many years.

About: $15 for .13 fl oz (x3) <in the trio>
             $29 for .42 fl oz <for Posietint or Benetint, full-sized>
             $26 for .45 fl oz <for High Beam, full-sized>


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  1. Those pictures alone make me want these! I have Benetint and it's so amazing how natural a red color like that looks!